In by Matticus

can Canada

Notable Accomplishments

  • 17 Time Legend
  • Winner, Spacekraft Tavern Hero 2016
  • Top 4, UBC Cup Winter 2016
  • Top 8, UBC Cup Fall 2015
  • Finalist, UBC Cup Fireside Gathering 2015
  • Top 8, Players Wanted Fireside Gathering Spring 2015
  • UBC eSports Collegiate Team


Imagine you’re having a busy day at work and have to stay in. After countless grueling, menial tasks, you’re finally finished but the transit you take is no longer in operation. So you have to cab it home. The taxi cab driver talks to you incessantly for what seems like hours about his favourite pastas. You don’t care. It’s been a long day.

You finally arrive home. Your usual routine of kissing your wife and hugging your infant child is thrown off, as your family is now asleep. You walk into the kitchen, and see that tonight’s dinner was special: puffin breasts. After heating the 2 breasts left on the table for you in the microwave for 1 minute (each side), you take a bite.

Mmm, it’s delicious.

You finish up quickly and wash yourself.

The water’s cold for some reason.

Something must be up with the boiler.

So, you head downstairs into the basement where the boiler’s situated. As you open the door to the basement and toggle the light switch, the light bulb doesn’t switch on.


You distinctly remember having replaced it just last weekend.


What’s that glow?

Something’s caught your attention. A faintly glowing light just around the corner right down the flight of stairs. You descend, with caution, one step at a time. With each creaky step, your heart beats faster and faster.




You’ve reached the bottom of the stairs, and as you approach the familiar light, its form becomes recognizable.

A laptop.

Just as you realize this, the door above slams shut. The light suddenly flickers on. Blinded by the sudden brightness, and shocked by the loud slamming, you crumble to your knees. Then, you hear your phone’s ringtone go off. Gathering yourself, you take the phone out of your pocket.

Unknown number.

As you slide the answer button across the phone and hesitantly put the phone to your ear, you glance in the direction of the laptop.

Your heart stops.

You’ve felt this feeling before.

This dread.

On the laptop screen is your Hearthstone client, already logged in. The voice from the phone is familiar. Too familiar. Shivers are sent down your spine as you brace yourself for the nigh inevitable.

“Yo man stop dodging, let’s finish this series QUICK.”

It’s RealTerror.