Fireside Qualifer May 2015 Winners and Deck Lists

POSTED BY Matticus September 3, 2015

These are the┬áBlackrock Mountain Adventure decks from the Fireside Championship Qualifier held at Player’s Wanted during May, 2015.

1st Druid, Hunter, Warlock ItzBolt Group A
2nd Hunter, Mage, Priest Angrybrian Group A
Top 4 Druid, Hunter, Rogue Slizzle Group A
Top 4 Hunter, Warlock, Warrior Flax Group A
1st Druid, Hunter, Warlock Mantstlc Group B
2nd Druid, Hunter, Warlock Orokusuki Group B
Top 4 Druid, Rogue, Shaman AtsuenArashi Group B
Top 4 Druid, Rogue, Warrior Optikzero Group B


Winner: ItzBolt

Runner Up: Angrybrian

Top 4: Slizzle

Top 4: Flax

Winner: Mantastlc

Runner up: Orokusuki

Top 4: AtsuenArashi

Top 4: Optikzero