Who we are

We are a group of Hearthstone enthusiasts. Our primary goal is to encourage growth in the Hearthstone scene for local Vancouver players. This means running regular Fireside Gathering events and tournaments. We want to connect players with each other and grow the scene here because we know there are many dedicated and passionate players in the Lower Mainland and Victoria.

Tournament Organizers

We run Fireside Gatherings and Fireside Qualifiers during the competitive season. It’s our dream to eventually send a local Vancouver player to represent BC on the BlizzCon world stage. We’ve held smaller gatherings at places like EXP Bar and Player’s Wanted and we’ve held larger tournaments at SFU in partnership with C-LAN. After every major event, you can find out what decks the players are using by reading up on our tournament reports.

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Looking to improve your game? Whether you’re a player new to Hearthstone or a veteran looking to refine your skills and crack the Legend barrier, we have a team of players who are willing to help you. Learn more about deck building concepts, game play techniques, and dominating the Arena. Our coaches are seasoned professionals and champions who would be more than happy to help you.


Check out some of our featured local streamers if you’re looking for some entertainment. If you’re unable to catch them live, we’ll have videos available for viewing on our YouTube channels. Our goal is to stream some of our matches and weekly tournament finalist games.

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