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It's been a while since there's been a meaningful update. Here is the latest from VanHearth. 

2017 Invitational

The 2017 VanHearth Invitational concluded and Seohyun628 is your 2017 Hearthstone Champion! 

Match Videos

Group A Playlist

  • TheJordude
  • KGo
  • Seohyun628
  • Fwan

Group B Playlist

  • Aviera
  • RealTerror
  • Zapgaze
  • ItzBolt

Finals Playlist

Season Standings

Our 2018 season standings are heating up. We've entered a minor off season for the next little while until the next set of Tavern Hero qualifiers open up. 


Full standings

Season 1 Challenger Finals

After multiple Tavern Hero qualifiers and a few well placed online Challenger Cup qualifications, the Vancouver roster for Season 1 Challenger Finals has been determined.

  • KGo
  • Stantheyeti
  • Zapgaze
  • RealTerror
  • Bobbyex
  • BlueBomber
  • BBD
  • WilliamYoo
  • Kosorji

Upcoming Events and Dates

  • April: The Witchwood expansion release and set rotation
  • April 5 - 8: HCT Copa Season 2
  • April 27 and 29: HCT Taipei
  • May: HCT Japan
  • May 12Vancouver Battle Royale in Partnership with BCLC (Hearthstone Tournament)
  • May 12 and 13: Hearthstone Season 1 Playoffs
  • June: HCT Seoul
  • July: HCT Italy
  • July: HCT Esports Arena

As we move closer to The Witchwood expansion release date, we will have more details about the Witchwood launch party event. Those of you who attended the Kobolds vs Catacombs event can expect something similar where players will be competing against each other to get as far and as fast as they can through the adventure.

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