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The 2017 VanHearth tournament season has ended. The time has come to hold the annual VanHearth invitational where the 8 highest performing tournament players will be competing against each other to determine the VanHearth champion of 2017. 


Vancouver Street Battle
160 - 4351 No. 3 Road 
Richmond, British Columbia 


Sunday, January 14
11 AM - 8 PM

The standings below were determined based on tournament playoff finishes from various events throughout the year held at UBC, SFU, Elements Esports, and other venues. Players needed to have a playoff finish in order to be eligible for points. 



This year's invitational format features the GSL method. Players will be divided into two groups of four. In order to advance to the semis, players must earn at least two wins in order to move forward. 

Here are the groups below based on their seeding.


Below, you can see the path each player must take in order to move on out of the group stage. 

Group A features 1st seed TheJordude, Kyoto captain Seohyun628, and Red Bull Proving Grounds finalists KGo and Fwan. This group is unanimously considered the stacked group of death. Players have a tough route to go in order to emerge out of this group.

Group B is widely considered a much easier group with former Hearthstone player ItzBolt, Rex, part time Hearthstone player Zapgaze, and defending 2016 champion, RealTerror. This group is completely up for grabs.

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The winner of group A will face the runner up from group B while the winner of group B faces the runner up from group A. After that, the winners of each match will face each other in order to determine the 2017 VanHearth Champion! 


Our stream schedule is still under development. We will not be able to stream every match sequentially but we will do our best to stream all the players at least once. 

Stay tuned here for more information and matchup profiles.

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