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Jordan “TheJordude” finishes in first place at the annual Hearthstone spring UBC Cup for 2017. VanHearth sits down with Jordan for to discuss his tournament finish, the local Hearthstone scene, and thoughts on the upcoming expansion.

Hi Jordan, first congratulations on your UBC 2017 Cup win! I believe this is the second time you’ve won the UBC Cup?

Thank you! Yes this is my 2nd UBC Cup 1st place. I won the 2015 one.

Going into the tournament, did you have a game plan exactly? What were some factors when it came to deciding what your final lineup would be?

I knew that the decks that have been working the best for me in tournaments have been just the best overall decks in the current meta. Usually I bring a lineup that targets something in particular, but this time I brought a well rounded line up that has decent match ups across the board.

What’re your thoughts on the Hearthstone scene in the Vancouver area?

The scene here is quite good, a fair amount of strong players that do consistently well in tournaments and ladder. These guys are dedicated as well, I always see familiar faces at all the events.

You’ve been a part of it from almost the beginning. How has the difficulty and quality of tournaments or competitors changed since you first started?

Well when I first started competing locally, I was winning everything haha. However during 2016 it definitely got tougher with me only starting to pick up wins again this year. The quality of tournaments has also definitely improved in all aspects such as venue, format, prizes, participation, etc.

Was there anyone you were hoping to play against, or anyone you did NOT want to see?

I was hoping to play against my rival KingofKimchi or Itzbolt but they dropped in swiss quite quickly so i never got the chance. Otherwise there was no one I did not want to play against in particular.

With Tavern Hero coming up later this week, one might say the results of this upcoming tournament are a little more important for those who want to break into the HCT. What’re your thoughts on the recent nerfs to Small-Time Buccaneer and Spirit Claws?

It should definitely affect people’s lineups as many of us were using Small time buccaneer and spirit claws. I think these nerfs are definitely healthy as these cards were quite over-powered for some time.

Will the experience from UBC Cup alter your strategy going into the Tavern Hero season?

If it ain’t broke why change it? Some of my decks will definitely be altered do to the latest nerfs, but I will likely keep towards a similar strategy.

Now that Journey to Un’Goro has officially been announced, what are your thoughts and opinions about the new Quest card type and the new Adapt mechanic?

The quest mechanic seems fun, though since you have to open with it in your hand you effectively start the game with a 1 card disadvantage as the quest doesn’t do anything until you get the reward. Though we have only seen the priest quest so we can’t dismiss the idea so early. The new adapt cards are great, it’s a variation of discover, one of the best hearthstone mechanics in the game, which is a little bit of RNG as well as decision making. The decision being made makes a big impact on the game and rewards the better player for the most part.

Last question: Are there any cards you’re glad to see rotate out? Any cards that you’ll miss? Thanks for your time, Jordan! What’s the best way for readers to follow and keep up with you?

Thank god Ragnaros the firelord is being rotated out, that card has made me lose many games because of the coin flips. Also, Tunel trogg, totem golem, and all of stuff I am happy to see go out. There are just many cards I am tired of seeing over and over again so overall I am excited for the rotation. As for anything I’ll miss, I guess Justicar Trueheart can get a shout out cause I enjoyed to tank up.

Thank you for the interview! People can reach me via the following:
Twitter: @coL_TheJordude
Twitch: thejordude

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