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What a year. I know things have been a little quiet lately. But 2016 is just about over and we managed to finish off the year with 2 tournaments. Here’s the recap below:

Elements Winter Challenge

While not a Tavern Hero, Vancouver Hearthstone and Spawn Pt were both honoured to help produce and organize an event on behalf of Elements Casino in Surrey to help celebrate and promote the launch of their new eSports Lounge. After 5 rounds of Swiss play, Sam “Supersam” L. entered playoffs with an undefeated 5-0 record. Unfortunately for Sam, Justin “Kraxximus” C. defeated him in the finals 3-1 and win the $250 1st place prize.

Power Play LAN

We then ended off the year by joining the organizers at the BYOC Power Play LAN out in Maple Ridge. With 18 players, Power Play LAN would be the first Tavern Hero qualifier for the 2017 Winter Preliminaries. Alex “Orokusaki” Y. defeated Brennan “BrohnanTV” D. with a decisive 3-1 finish which means Orokusaki will be moving forward and representing BC at Prelims.

Wrapping up 2016

The 2016 Vancouver Hearthstone Champion is Dwayne “RealTerror” S. with a first place finish from a whopping 25 points and 6 playoff appearances. Dwayne had one of the most efficient runs this season earning just over 4 points per playoff appearance. He barely edged out Adrian “KingOfKimchi” L. who finished the 2016 season right behind him with 24 points and 7 playoff appearances. Adrian clocked in over 3 points per playoff appearance.

Special recognition goes to 3rd place finisher Justin “Kraxximus” C. who ended up being one of the most consistent finishers throughout the year. He made the most playoff appearances with 8.

Looking ahead to 2017

Stay tuned, we have more events coming up for the 2017 season. The local standings will reset and RealTerror’s title defense begins.

  • UBC Tavern Hero (Planning stage, expected for early January)
  • SFU C-LAN Tavern Hero (Confirmed, Sunday January 15th)
  • Unannounced tournament (Planning stage, expected for late January)

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