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Burnaby, BC — Virtual Fantasy League (VFL) organized a Standard tournament for the month of May. No qualifiers, but just a get together for players looking to get some practice in before the Summer Tavern Hero season started. With 23 players attending, the May tournament opted for a Double Elimination bracket instead of the usual Swiss rounds.

Classes by the numbers:

Druid 5
Mage 7
Paladin 7
Priest 4
Hunter 9
Warlock 13
Shaman 19
Warrior 17
Rogue 11

Congratulations to Rxx2xx for his first tournament win and being the May Hearthstone champion! Match videos are coming soon and will be added later.

Special thanks to our sponsors at the VFL, Spacekraft, and Nosh. Thank you to the casting team for participating with play-by-play and match analysis. Match videos can be found on the VanHearth YouTube channel.

Next event will is the June Tavern Hero qualifier for the Summer season! A second Tavern Hero qualifier is planned for July with dates being announced as soon as this event concludes. We plan on hosting a tournament at least once a month. Keep an eye on our Facebook pageTwitter, and on the site for further updates.


Match videos

  • Semi-finals match (AllanDang vs LordCrusade): YouTube
  • Quarter-finals match (AllanDang vs Bocharaenai):  YouTube