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Burnaby, BC — Virtual Fantasy League (VFL) organized it’s second Tavern Hero qualifier for the Spring season nearly doubling our attendance from the first tournament of 22 players to 39 players all looking for an opportunity to compete at the Hearthstone Championship Tour (HCT) Spring Preliminaries in a few short weeks. It was an exhausting 12 hour day. The biggest surprise of the tournament was TheJordude’s 6-0 record in group stage would result in an early exit in the first round of playoffs falling to 16th seed Kusajishi. As predicted, Vancouver Island player Bocharaenai manages to break into the top 8 with RealTerror ending his run in the top 4. Match videos can be found at the bottom of the post.

Classes by the numbers:

Druid 12
Mage 19
Paladin 23
Priest 15
Hunter 17
Warlock 24
Shaman 26
Warrior 10
Rogue 10

Congratulations to King of Kimchi for his victory and taking the crown from previous tournament winner RealTerror.

King of Kimchi pulled into a quick 1-0 lead on his Hunter over AllanDang’s Warrior. In the second game, Kimchi’s Shaman defeated AllanDang’s Warrior again. With AllanDang down 2-0, he would need to execute a reverse sweep in order to take the match.

Game 3 came down to the wire where AllanDang was down to under 10 health staring at a board led by a Sea Giant against his own Grom Hellscream. A clutch Arcanite Reaper draw manages to allow AllanDang to steal the game and snap Kimchi’s 2 game win streak. AllanDang’s championship hopes are still alive!


Unfortunately, Kimchi punted in game 4 (Warlock vs Paladin) with the Abusive Sergeant positioning allowing a crucial Doomsayer to go off and clear the board.


Game 5 would be a race against the clock as both players would be piloting aggressive decks. Kimchi’s Warlock Zoo deck still needed to close the match out with a win. Allan held his Aggro Shaman back. Kimchi hit the ground running with cards that were on curve. Two Power Overwhelmings were enough to seal the match for King of Kimchi to emerge victorious.

Special thanks to our sponsors at the VFL, Spacekraft, and Nosh. Thank you to the casting team for participating with play-by-play and match analysis. Match videos can be found on the VanHearth YouTube channel.

Next event will be coming soon! We plan on hosting a tournament at least once a month. Keep an eye on our Facebook pageTwitter, and on the site for further updates.

Decklists from the top 8 can be found here. Event photos can be found here.

Career: KingOfKimchi

Career: AllanDang

Match videos

  • Semi-finals match (AllanDang vs LordCrusade): YouTube
  • Quarter-finals match (AllanDang vs Bocharaenai):  YouTube