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Spring Preliminaries: Day 1

POSTED BY Matticus May 22, 2016

7 players would be representing Vancouver out of 160+ players who had qualified for the Americas Spring championship. The winner will represent the Americas at BlizzCon in November. Day 1 would begin at 6 AM where an awfully tired and sleepless team manager (who shall remain unnamed) attempted to rouse everyone from their slumber after a long night of scrimming and practice. Players could only participate on site in authorized locations. For Vancouver, the nearest city that held a preliminary event was right across the border in Seattle.

Players and spectators were directed to the lively Gameworks eSports center in the heart of downtown Seattle (which is right next to the Cheesecake factory). After checking in, it would be another hour while Blizzard and tournament staff confirmed attendance and seeded the players according to their finishes in both standings and in Tavern Hero qualifiers.

How did they do?

The story begins


As the most decorated player on the team, it surprised literally nobody to know that ApxVoid successfully qualified into day 2.

Notable players faced: Astrogation (W 3-1), Tazmynn (W 3-1)
Matt predicted
: Pending, as player has made day 2
Classes: Mage, Shaman, Warlock, Warrior
Twitter: @HL_ApxVoid


“Anything short of day 2 on Sunday will be a disappointment.”

This was the expectation placed on this very site earlier in the week. Alas, ItzBolt did not make day 2. As a matter of fact, analysts aren’t even sure if ItzBolt made hour 2. Peers agreed that deck selection was a contributing factor to the normally astute ItzBolt.

Notable players faced: None
Matt predicted
: Top 64
Classes: Mage, Priest, Warlock, Warrior
Twitter: @ItzBoltHS


TheJordude’s journey to become America’s Spring Champion ended almost as soon as he began. Somehow, TheJordude was immediately seeded directly against fellow Vancouver player ApxVoid. After that, he did not last as long as expected.

Notable players faced: ApxVoid
Matt predicted
: Top 8
Classes: Mage, Paladin, Rogue, Warlock
Twitter: @coL_TheJordude


AllanDang was one of the other players that was seeded against Vancouver teammate, Kraxximus. Uniformly considered by many Vancouver players to be one of the better players, AllanDang was not able to have a deep run as hoped.

Notable players faced: None
Matt predicted
: Top 4
Classes: Paladin, Shaman, Warlock, Warrior


Rumors are beginning to circle around that Kraxximus can only perform well in ladder play and in local tournaments. He has yet to gain any kind of national or international recognition.

Notable players faced: AllanDang
Matt predicted
: Top 32
Classes: Paladin, Shaman, Warlock, Warrior


An interesting dispute occurred today that potential tournament players should take a note of. During RealTerror’s match against Peter, RealTerror had lethal damage in hand with a superior board and a Bloodlust ready to fire off. His opponent immediately conceded the game and mentioned that Shaman had actually been banned and RealTerror had been using an illegal deck. Nearly leaping off the chair in a furious rage, RealTerror stormed off to report to the local admin what had been done as the bans list had explicitly stated prior to the match starting that RealTerror’s Warrior was banned. However, further examination of the ban list showed that RealTerror’s Shaman had in fact been banned.

If the mistake had been noticed earlier, why would it not have been mentioned during the mulligan stage or turn 1? Why wait until turn 4 when RealTerror was about to inflict lethal damage in order to flag an admin?

This should lead to a new tournament process that all players should follow: Upon receiving information of class bans, message your opponent one more time to confirm what classes they have available and what classes were banned for both players in order to prevention confusion.

Normally this would have counted on his lost, but RealTerror was able to successfully dispute this and at the very least, force a rematch, before using his broom to sweep his opponent.

Notable players faced: Muzzy (W 3-2), SilentStorm (L 0-3)
Matt predicted
: Top 32
Classes: Paladin, Shaman, Warlock, Warrior


Let it be said that KingOfKimchi may well be the most improved player of 2016 to date with wins coming off from Tavern Hero, to a Collegiate title, and now to a Top 32 placing at a seasonal preliminary tournament. KingOfKimchi will be expected to grow and be a main staple representative among players in the VanHearth community. UBC should count itself lucky that he remains a part of the roster going into 2016-2017 as he will be an even more lethal player in the future. Perhaps Kimchi’s greatest enemy is himself and if he can conquer that, he can conquer anyone.

Notable players faced: Hotform (W 3-2), Amnesiac (L 1-3), JustSaiyan (L 1-3)
Matt predicted
: Top 16
Classes: Paladin, Shaman, Warlock, Warrior

Congratulations to all the players and well done for making it as far as you’ve gone! Take the experience now and build upon it for a future return trip.

In any case, side events were happening in parallel to the main preliminary event for players that happened to be around and wanted in on the fun. A Fireside gathering with prizes including posters, plushies, and more stuff was held at the same time.

Surprise grizzled veteran Matticus who seldomly makes appearances in any kinds of tournaments managed to participate in one. Boasting an impressive 5-2 in the upper bracket, 6-1 in the lower bracket, and 1-2 in the grand finals being stonewalled by the lucksaucing, high-rolling ItzBolt, Matticus impressed many with his one-two Tempo Warrior and Midrange Hunter punch.

Matticus has since retired from competitive Hearthstone and returned to the World of Warcraft.

Some pictures from the venue

hs-prelims-3 hs-prelims-2 hs-prelim-1

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