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UBC Heads South After Emerging Victorious in Semi-finals

POSTED BY Matticus April 8, 2016

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Less than 72 hours ago, Team UBC fought a come back attempt from last season’s CSL champions, St. John’s Red Storm in a close 3-2 win. Today was UBC’s chance to cement their amazing season with a win and earn their first international LAN appearance because the team that secures victory here will earn a berth at Dreamhack Austin next month by challenging the Digipen Dragons.

Despite dropping game 3 on Wednesday, Team UBC had faith in rising Hearthstone prodigy KingOfKimchi and gave him the go-ahead to open the series. He would go on to prove that their faith in him was justified and took down Digipen’s Rivulets in a Patron Warrior matchup.

In game 2,  Team UBC’s Forcedawg played Secret Paladin that squared off against Joshuay135’s Midrange Druid. Despite drawing Druid combo pieces early, Forcedawg applied early game pressure taking Joshuay135 down to single digit health by the time turn 6 rolled around. Unfortunately, Joshuay135 couldn’t find any answers to the Truesilver Champion that would deal the exact 8 damage needed to end the game putting UBC up 2-0.

ItzBolt moved himself to third on the lineup. All eyes were on him. Would he shut the door on Digipen or would he be the start of a DigiPen comeback reminiscent of their quarter finals match? It was a call in the late game. Alexstrasza hit the board halving Zazder’s live total to 15. ItzBolt was staring down a hostile board of minions that had Competitive Spirit active. An Ice Block in play and an Ice Block in hand meant he could survive a few more turns but he would have to go for the kill. Mysterious Challenger and a Silverhand Recruit pushed him down to 1 health and neutralized his existing Ice Block. That was followed up by a Loatheb! Things were looking grim. ItzBolt had no choice but to play a second Ice Block. Thankfully, Arcane Intellect pulled a Frost Nova off the top of his deck that was immediately combined with a Doomsayer.


UBC’s next match will be at Dreamhack Austin, May 6 – May 8.

Match replay

Twitch video-on-demand (Starts at 1:27:01)

Post Game Interview

VanHearth managed to catch ItzBolt as he was leaving to get his thoughts on tonight’s games.

Hi Benton, congratulations to you and your team in winning your Semi Finals matchup over Digipen! Your team looked extremely prepared for this match especially after just barely defeating Phonetap’s St. John’s squad from Wednesday. What did you do differently for this match? Any lineup or class changes??

We prepared and scouted the other team. We were able to completely guess each match up they picked three in a row which made it work really well for us.

Yeah, you and the team definitely took care of business tonight. How does it feel to know that you and your team will be representing UBC at Dreamhack Austin? ?

It feels amazing, for so long we were one of the only teams to not have gone to a LAN. However, now we will be joining DOTA2 at Dreamhack. I give shout outs to RNGesus for that series of draws from Arcane Intellect.

In that crucial game 3 where you played Freeze Mage against Secret Paladin, it almost seemed at different points in the match that momentum was going to start swinging the other especially with the Loatheb coming onto the board and negating a majority of your spells for that key turn but you managed to squeak by with a much needed board clear. How much of that was attributed to your own skills versus card luck?

There was definitely some luck involved, but we properly set up a way to win by using Alexstrasza and playing accordingly. It would’ve been better if he didn’t have Loatheb, but it all worked out in the end.

Dreamhack Austin will be taking place May 6th to May 8th. What will you and the rest of your team do between now and then?

We will be celebrating with a team dinner. Hopefully getting jerseys to represent our university. Since standard will be the official format at Dreamhack we will be grinding very hard for the last week.

Thanks Benton, and well played! Good luck in Dreamhack!

Thanks Matt!

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