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TheJordude Takes Second in Tespa’s Collegiate Colosseum

POSTED BY Matticus April 7, 2016

Orange County, California — After emerging through the group stage with an impressive 7-0 record (which included 5 regular matches and 2 tiebreakers), Complexity’s TheJordude earned a playoff berth at Tespa’s Collegiate Colosseum in Orange County. This would be his first tournament match played internationally at a LAN setting.

In the qualifying stage leading up to the playoffs, TheJordude ran a lineup of Paladin, Mage, and Warlock. It paid off in a big way as he went undefeated during all of the opening rounds. Not just matches, but he did not lose a game.

A clutch moment in the semi-final round saw his Mind Control Tech steal a Dr. Boom. Unfortunately, TheJordude’s luck would soon run out as he would fall to the eventual winner in the finals, Zhu.

Aside from that, congratulations are in order as TheJordude played well to reach the finals! Looking forward to see more next season!

Match Video

Link to video – (Matches start at 1:12:30)

Post Game Interview

Let’s talk about the qualification round. You went an astonishing 7-0 (5 regular wins, and 2 tiebreaker wins). Not only that, not a single player took a game off of you at all. Was that all luck or skill that helped keep that streak going?

A little bit of both. Because the qualifying stage was a weird format, where it was best of 3, but you can play multiple decks of your declared class, deck preparation was very important. I stuck with flexible classes that have polar matchups, for example I had Paladin so I can use Midrange or Murlocs for control/slow matchups, and Secret/Aggro for faster ones. And of course there is a little bit of luck because it is best of 3 and variance can happen at anytime.

What was your strategy going into the playoffs of the Collegiate Colosseum?

My lineup was targeted more towards aggro or board orientated decks. Freeze Mage, Patron Warrior, and Reno Warlock all work very well against decks that try to win through board (which I expected most people to bring) such as Paladin, Zoo Warlock. Because these decks also have life gain potential, it is strong against more burn orientated decks as well like Shaman or Hunter. I had Druid in the lineup for slower decks like Reno Warlock, Murloc Paladin, or if I just draw some ramp and Innervate cards out earlier than I should be allowed to.

Any specific classes or decks you planned to work against?

With my lineup, I just knew I wanted to ban Warrior, as it almost has a guaranteed win against 2 of my decks, Patron Warrior and Freeze mage. Every other matchup I had a decent chance of beating.

Was there anything that you were worried about in particular?

Mainly I was just worried about losing to things like a god Druid opener, or Implosions and other forms of RNG just stealing games.

How did you and UBCEA Captain ItzBolt help you prepare for your matches?

We went through different lineups from both mine and his side. As well as discussed matchups, how they should be played, strategy and what not.

How did it feel playing on a large tournament stage in a match being streamed out live in front of other players and friends from home?

I definitely felt a little bit nervous, I wanted to make somewhat of a good showing by making it far in the LAN.

Let’s talk about the finals. It was a heartbreaking loss for you in the last match. You were struggling at some points despite competing hard. Where did things go wrong?

I made a couple misplays (or hindsight misplays) in the finals, but the more I thought about it after, it would not have changed the outcome of the games. Sometimes you can’t beat a curve of Mysterious Challenger on 6, followed by Dr. Boom, along with another Challenger waiting the turn after. Things mainly went wrong game 1 where a 50-50 crackle determined the game, and possibly could have determined the series.

Now that you’ve had a few days, what’s the next big event you’re looking to train hard for?

I might go compete in the $10K Toronto event hosted by ESL later in April/Early May. If not, I might see if I can compete in DreamHack Montreal in August.

Shoutout to my family and friends for supporting me and sending good wishes. Shoutout to my girlfriend for accompanying me on the trip and supporting me live. Shoutout to my team compLexity Gaming, the management, and sponsors for helping me attend the LAN and with the moral support. Thank you to Tespa West for hosting the events!

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