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Spacekraft: RealTerror Wins Tavern Hero Qualifier

POSTED BY Matticus April 11, 2016

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Burnaby, BC — Spacekraft hosted it’s first Tavern Hero qualifier for the Spring season featuring 22 players looking for their chance to attend the HCT Spring Preliminaries.

The finals was a long drawn out match between two of the top players in BC both representatives of their collegiate Hearthstone teams. TheJordude quickly leapt out to a commanding 2-0 lead over Team HD’s RealTerror.

But the match wasn’t over as RealTerror managed to squeak out a win with his Warlock against TheJordude’s Rogue in a perilous game 3 where he was at 1 health. Game 4 resulted in RealTerror’s Patron Warrior running through and making quick work of TheJordude’s Rogue.

Unfortunately, TheJordude would end up succumbing in game 5 as his Rogue could not draw the necessary answers needed against RealTerror’s Paladin. RealTerror took the match in a decisive 3-2 victory.

Special thanks to our sponsors at the VFL. Thank you to the casting team for stepping up at the last minute and participating with play-by-play and match analysis. Match videos can be found on you VanHearth YouTube channel.

Next event will be coming soon! We plan on hosting a tournament at least once a month. Keep an eye on our Facebook page, Twitter, and on the site for further updates.

Decklists from the top 4 can be found here. Event photos can be found here.

Match videos

  • Full match video: YouTube
  • Semi-finals match video (Kraxximus vs RealTerror): YouTube

Post Game Interview

Hi RealTerror, congratulations on your recent victory at the VFL Spring Tavern Hero qualifier here at Spacekraft! You’re entering this tournament on a high where your UBC eSports team defeated Phonetap’s Red Storm team and swept Digipen. Clearly the momentum was with you entering today’s event. What was your game plan when it came to classes to use and target for the duration of the tournament?

Thanks Matt, for hosting this great event. I was definitely on a high coming into this tournament, after we qualified for DreamHack Austin. The prodigy KingofKimchi and myself were very relaxed coming into today’s tournament since we knew the steaks were much lower than our match on Friday. I think this contributed greatly to our success today. Kraxximus was also relaxed because word has it Hafu and Eloise were over at his place last night.

Also he has already obtained enough points for the Spring Qualifiers so that likely had something to do with it as well.

I don’t believe in teching decks too greatly because it ruins their consistency. I’d rather lose a game I didn’t tech for, instead of going ham on the teching and losing two other games because tech cards were dead in my hand. That being said I did have a game plan to always ban Warrior since I made my decks weak against it.


For example, my combo Renolock is weaker vs. Warrior because they gain massive amounts of armor to keep them out of combo range. Because I have clunky combo cards I can’t pressure the board enough to play a safe Jaraxxus and end up dying to a weapon plus enraged Grommash. I teched a Mind Control Tech (punny), replacing one Shade of Naxxramas, in my Mindrange Druid to be stronger vs. Zoo and Secret Paladin. Also Control Warrior can punish Midrange Druid if you don’t have an active Shade of Naxxramas to threaten massive damage with combo. I left Harrison Jones out of all of my decks because I wasn’t too worried about Aggro Shaman or Face Hunter and I was committing to banning warrior. Obviously bringing Grim Patron Warrior, which is super strong against the rest of the field, was another reason to ban Warrior.

I didn’t expect to see much priest and I knew I could smash Grim Patron’s easy matchups and outplay the 50/50 matchups. Patron is by far the deck I’m most proficient with. Including the pre-Warsong version of the deck I have over 1000 wins with it and a 70%+ lifetime winrate. My Renolock was designed to be consistent vs aggro with enough burst to finish off midrange.

Designing the list like this paid off; the entire tournament I felt one step ahead of aggro, or at the very least was holding an answer in my hand. I frequently was able to finish off midrange decks with combo after controlling the whole game. I brought Secret Pally and Midrange Druid because they’re just solid decks that just win games. I think it’s always correct to bring druid since people are scared of it when they bring control and just end up banning it. The dream scenario is where I ban their Control Warrior and they ban my Midrange Druid. This ends up doubly in my favour for the most part.

You finished your group stage record at an impressive 4-1 and strolled into playoffs as the number 1 seed. How confident were you going into the final stretch of the tournament?

It was definitely nice going into the playoffs as the number 1 seed. I was confident going into my first match because I had played Hank before and felt my decks were favoured against his. Despite him being a great player, I felt that I would win because of the aforementioned reason. I was definitely much less confident in the semi-final because my teammate Kraxximus is a dank playa who you definitely don’t want to get into a taxi with.

Unfortunately for him he drew very poorly and it ended up being a very one-sided result in my favour. From start to finish I was able to CHOW pressure him. What is CHOW pressure you ask? Well it’s like when Renolock opens with Martin Chow vs. aggro and follows up with Dank Peddler into Imp Gang Bang Boss into Piloted Shredder.

By the end of it you’re left wondering how you got SMASHED QUICKLY like that. To tell you the truth the opponent I was most scared of facing was NakedGiraffe. She smashed me 3-0 in the round robin and I really didn’t want to play her again.

How do you even beat a NakedGiraffe?

I’ll never know. In the end my good friend Racolek was the only one who could figure it out. He transformed into RNGcolek and used all his luck to QUICKLY eliminate her from the playoffs (unfortunately for him this procced TheJordude’s inner rage and Racolek met his swift demise in the semi-finals).

Your final match with TheJordude exceeded an hour and it stretched the distance going into a full five games. There were some moments where it felt like you were beginning to tilt. How much of a factor was fatigue at this point?

I’m not too prone to tilt, except when I play against my teammate Racolek. He always finds a way to Firebat me while I draw absolute garbage. I played several warm-up matches vs. him in the week prior to the tourney and this really helped with my mental toughness. Even when I was down 2-0 I was in the right frame of mind because I knew all 3 of my decks could smash TheJordude’s Rogue. I feel like it takes HUGE BALLS to bring rogue to a tourney and unless you’re Ostkaka you’ll eventually get punished.


I knew I had PUFFIN’d by not popping Ice Block vs. Freeze Mage with Leeroy Jenkins. I also knew I had PUFFIN’d by not playing Jaraxxus vs. a naked Doomsayer in the Renolock mirror. Instead of tilting, I used this as motivation. Everyone knows the perfect PUFFIN breast is 1 cooked one minute on each side.

Fatigue was definitely a factor at this point, as 8 rounds of Bo5 can really take its toll on your brain. I was actually most tired prior to the 7th round vs. Kraxximus and had an insane headache. It felt like someone was casting a Headcrack every turn, with combo, against me. Luckily, if 4 years in pharmacy school (S E L L O U T B O Y S) has taught me anything, it’s that an OTC 220 mg naproxen makes everything Gucci, Prada (as long as you don’t have a history of ulcers, congestive heart failure, or renal disease). I QUICKLY popped one of these (with plenty of food and water, of course), and felt better within the hour.

Tell me a little more about that Warlock vs Warrior match. It seemed more like an exercise in patience than anything. You were down 2 games to 0. At what moment did things start turning around and how much of that would be attributed to card luck vs you making the right moves?

I managed my resources and life perfectly in Renolock vs. Oil Rogue and survived at 1 HP before killing him on the swingback. In the Patron mirror the crowd felt like I PUFFIN’d again by not executing the Violet Teacher and electing to draw instead. I was confident in my plays and knew that to win Patron vs. Oil Rogue I had to draw as many cards as possible, as soon as possible, while keeping his board clear. I didn’t over value my Dread Corsair and elected to draw off the Slam instead. I felt there was no need to Execute the Violet Teacher as I could just finish it off with my Dread Corsair if necessary and save the removal for another threat (we won’t be taking this same approach when we face the NYU Violet Teachers at DreamHack, but that’s a different story).

This paid off as I found Battle Rage and proceeded to draw 4 extra cards. When I played the patron army the following turn I put my life total out of range with dual Armorsmiths and knew that the game was secure even if he had Blade Flurry. Even a full clear would leave me with 60+ life and a Dr. Boom to follow up onto an empty board.


Since the Warsong nerf this matchup has been all about sneaking damage in, drawing as many threats as possible, and putting your life total out of lethal range. I was able to accomplish all three of these goals and it made for an easy victory. In the final match I definitely had some luck after top-decking Mysterious Challenger (aka Dr. 6) on turn 8 and getting 4 secrets from it. This draw sealed the victory for me and the comeback was complete.

It was a well-known fact that TheJordude is an inferior player when compared to his mentor and coach, the talented NakedGiraffe. Despite her warnings, he brought rogue to this tournament, and it almost paid off. He smashed through a wall of HafuDudes but couldn’t quite finish them off.

As the wise NakedGiraffe had so eloquently stated earlier, “I TOLD HIM NOT TO BRING ROGUE!”

Last minute shoutouts?

Racolek – for the tilt-combat training.
Raniva – for the OP specs
Flax – for the curse specs
XanderZ – for organizing our in-house tourneys
Dimanax – for blinding me with your golden cards
Tolaria – for helping me fix my sleep issues by bringing for control decks
Wuzziebum – for the stream hype
Kraxximus – for providing taxi-level competition in practice
KingofKimchi – for being a prodigy
VtecYo – for showing true Hearthstone dedication despite wife aggro
Pickledick – for being the #1 Hearthstone mascot

Final shout-out goes to Matticus for hosting the best tourney Vancouver has seen to date. Thanks for all you do for the community! BLIZZARD HIRE THIS GUY PLS…