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Tournament checklist

  • Bring water.
  • You may submit your decks to (or in person, whichever you prefer)
  • Bring your own device (and charger).
  • Four different classes, and you get to ban one of your opponent’s class for each round. Win 1 game with each of your three classes to advance.
  • No deck tracking (software or pen and paper) allowed.
  • Check in with organizers upon arrival

First time participating in a local Fireside tournament? Don’t worry! We’re here to help. These are the official tournament procedures during VanHearth events.


Try to register and reserve a seat ahead of time. Some venues have a limited capacity and having an accurate idea of numbers allows organizers add more seats as needed. Plus, registering early allows organizers to potentially leverage additional sponsors.

Check In

Usually occurs an hour prior to the start of an event. Make sure you check in with an organizer at the designated area. If there’s any outstanding fees, this is where you pay and get added to the tournament bracket. Use exact bills or change if possible.

During the match (Hero reveeal)

Once the bracket has been seeded, add your opponent to Battle.Net. If you wish, you can declare your 4 classes and 1 ban over Battle.Net or locate your opponent physically and exchange information in person (Recommended as Hearthstone is a social game).

During the match (Disconnect)

In the event of a disconnect, alert a tournament official immediately. Disconnected players will be instructed to crash the game while the other player will attempt to stall for the disconnected player to reconnect.

If a reconnect is not possible, the tournament organizer will use their best judgment in agreement with both players. If it is early in the game, the organizer may suggest a game restart. If it is in the late game where a player has a clear, significant advantage (or lethal like a Force of Nature and Savage Roar combo), a win may be awarded.

Reporting the score

At the end of a match, either player may report the score to the tournament organizer. For best practice, both players should do so to corroborate. It’s strongly advised that players take victory screenshots at the end of every game for accuracy.

Scores should be reported as <Player A> won 3-1 over <Player B>.

Dropping from the tournament

If you wish to be dropped, tell the TO after your match is complete and before the next round begins.

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