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Note Taking in Tournaments

POSTED BY Matticus August 21, 2015

Hey everyone, itzBolt here with another article about the tournament setting. Instead of talking about deck preparation and specific game play, we’ll be busting out the good ol’ pen and paper.


Taking good notes in school usually translates to higher grades. In the case of Hearthstone, good notes will lead to better chances of winning by allowing you to gain more information than you think you have access to. If you’ve watched a lot of tournament streams, you’ll usually find pro players with a huge stack of papers and this is why.

You must be wondering why we’re using such primitive methods to track the opponent’s cards. The answer here is that the technology just isn’t here to this for us yet (hah, just kidding!). While you may be able to use programs that track your opponent’s cards for you in the comfort of your own home while you ladder, it’s typically a grey area for tournaments. Online tournaments may allow players to use these trackers, which technically aren’t against any rules. At offline events these trackers are not used; this benefits the players who do the tracking manually, as they are more used to doing it themselves, rather than letting a program do it for them. The information you get from card tracking is really important and helps you make calculated risks.

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