Maximizing your Coaching Session

POSTED BY Matticus August 19, 2015

Hey everyone itzBolt here, this time to talk about coaching in Hearthstone. I have been coaching Hearthstone players for about 5 months now, a lot of the players I’ve coached have told me that the sessions were really helpful. This article is going to go over some points on how to maximize your coaching session with a coach


A player looking for coaching should have a certain mindset and that mindset is to get better as a player in an area where they find they are lacking. This can be a wide range of things such as deck building, drafting an Arena deck, piloting an Arena deck, playing around key cards, and the list goes on.

There is a misconception about coaching; the community sees it as two people using voice communication and the higher ranked player is telling the other player what plays to make. The point of a coaching session isn’t to climb ranks or getting an amazing arena run, it’s a process of learning and those things are just the by products.

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