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Maintaining a Strong Player Mindset

POSTED BY Matticus August 23, 2015

Hey everyone, TheJordude from compLexity Gaming here. In this article, I wanted to touch the topic of a player’s mind set when queuing into games, and how significant this is to their performance and overall deciding the outcome of the game. As I specialize in Hearthstone, I will be referring most of my points to this game, however you may see this topic applicable to anything in life so I will try to broaden my words accordingly. This also does not only refer to new or amateur players, even pro players relate, or even relate more to this topic than the average person.

Hitting legend is a goal many Hearthstone players aim to achieve. While over 20 million players play Hearthstone, only 0.5% of them actually reach legend. Why is this? Well, as we all know, from rank 25-5 you can go on win streaks where you get 1 extra star if you win 3 or more games in a row. However, once you reach rank 5, those win streak bonuses end, and you are forced to grind every game and really earn every single star. You only have to win 26 more games than you lose to hit legend from rank 5… but obviously this is a lot harder than it sounds. I can go in depth about win rate statistics and how every percent of your win rate makes a huge difference in the amount of games you have to play, but there are many articles already released by great players detailing this and if you are interested in reading up about it, I can provide you with the links.

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