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How I Won a Fireside Qualifier

POSTED BY Matticus August 22, 2015

On May 10, I participated in a special fireside gathering; what made this one special? This Fireside Gathering was Blizzard sanctioned.

These sanctioned events are hosted by local organizers and act as qualifiers for an online tournament, where the winners of each fireside tournament may participate in; these are referred to as Stage 1 tournaments.

In Stage 2 players will be participating in their region’s online Fireside Championship Qualifier, which will be a single elimination tournament in which the top four advance to the next stage. These four players will advance to the Fireside Championship with a $5,000 prize pool and the winner get’s a seed in the World Championship Regional Qualifier.

Held at Players Wanted Games and Collectibles, Vancouver, British Columbia

Deck Prediction and Selection

While planning my decks I decided to figure out what my opponents would be playing. Although I personally did not know a lot of the players attending this event, I was able to use exactly that to my advantage.

What I mean by this is, since I did not recognize a large portion of the names signed up for the tournament, I was able to predict that many did not play in online tournaments as often as I do (or do not play Hearthstone as often as more competitive players). This led me to believe that most players would be playing decks that are relatively cheap or decks that are deemed easier to navigate. I predicted a lot of Druids, Hunters, and Warlocks.

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